Natalie Victoria books COSTAR in action feature, ABSTRACTION! news - April 1, 2012


April 1, 2012Natalie Victoria has booked a costar role in the SAG Indie, Action/Thriller/Heist feature “ABSTRACTION“. Filming begins immediately in Los Angeles, CA. Natalie will be playing the role of MEGAN, the love-interest of one the male leads GARY. The film is written/directed/produced by Prince Bagdasarian.

The film stars; Hunter Ives (Mega Shark vs Giant Octopus), Korrina Rico (IN TIME, ARGO),  Richard ManriquezKen Davitian (BORAT, THE ARTIST), Natalie Victoria (DEADHEADS), David Alan Graf (DeadGirl), and Jim Lewis (Gacy House, Camel Spiders).

Tommy and Gary are criminals engaging in petty thefts in order to make ends meet. They are opportunists and have no fear. But their lives are altered when Tommy meets Scarlet one winter morning as she stumbles into their small town, brokenhearted. As their relationship flourishes, Tommy’s economic hardships become obvious. Before long, Scarlet hatches a notion that will make all their money troubles vanish — the heist of a half a million dollar painting. With just a short window of opportunity, Scarlet, Tommy and Gary design an ambitious plan, one that will ultimately determine their fate.

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Natalie Victoria attends “She Wants Me” premiere after party

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