Natalie Victoria interview with StarCam, Screamfest 2011

October 30, 2011, by Web Staff in DEADHEADS, Film Festival, Publicity, Screamfest

StarCam was at Screamfest , where they talked to Zebediah De Soto about zombies, and Louis Mandylor about what makes a horror film stick with you. They also talked to Wendy Macy, Natalie Victoria (leading lady in DEADHEADS), Drew T. Pierce (cowriter/codirector of DEADHEADS), Eric England, John Michael Elfers & Denesa Chan, Frank Ippolito and Ezekiel Zabrowski, …

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Natalie Victoria attends DEADHEADS Premiere at Screamfest!

October 16, 2011, by Web Staff in DEADHEADS, Publicity, Screamfest

DEADHEADS premiered to a packed house on Sunday at Screamfest 2011 at the Manns Chinese Theatres!  Check out the red carpet pics from the premiere; cast and crew were in attendance. PLOT SUMMARY: DEADHEADS Two inexplicably coherent zombies awake amidst a zombie attack, and decide to take a road trip to find the one’s lost …

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