“Sh*tloads of F*ckin Fun! Great Zombie Take! Liked this one a lot! Natalie Victoria totally made this insane zombie roadtrip worthwhile.” ~Harry Knowles, Ain’t it Cool News – regarding festival fav, zombie/comedy DEADHEADS

“Natalie Victoria is also a welcome addition, as gorgeous and earnest in person as she is on screen…” ~Brutal As Hell Film Review


“The only thing on his mind is the love of his life, Ellie (the stunning Natalie Victoria)…I wouldn’t be surprised to see Natalie becoming sought for love interest roles with her natural charm, and the camera obviously loves her, but hopefully we will see her in far more diverse material…” ~UK Film Review Namesysworld

“Natalie Victoria does a great job playing up the love story side as Mike’s living love, never letting their scenes slip into schmaltz…” ~LoveHorror Film Review

 ”…he wanted to find his fiancee Ellie (the smoking hot Natalie Victoria)…” ~Toronto Film Review, TMAKWorld

“…the stunningly beautiful Ellie (Natalie Victoria)…” ~FilmThreat

that have worked with Natalie Victoria or seen her work…

“Natalie is one of the most talented actors I’ve ever worked with, but what really impressed me was how easy it was for her to jump into character, and then back to goofing around and having fun on set. She’s probably the most fun actor I’ve ever had on set, and I thoroughly enjoyed dragging her through the mud on a daily basis! There will be a role for her in every film I do from here out.” ~Hank Braxtan, Director/Producer – CHEMICAL PEEL, 17 Road


“I worked with Natalie recently on my feature film DEADHEADS we’ve just completed. It’s very important to me to work with talented, and just as important, good people. On screen she shines, she did fantastic in our flick but she was one of those people that bring up morale on set because of her pleasantness and genuine attitude. She has been extremely supportive of the film through all stages of production and we count ourselves lucky for casting her in the first place.” ~Brett Pierce, Writer/Director – DEADHEADS, Frobro Films
“Natalie Victoria was memorizing as Ellie in DEADHEADS. She’s the right blend of bubbly and sweet – the perfect “girl-next-door” that makes you forget about any other girls on the block. On screen, Natalie has a comedic quirkiness with sexy innocence that makes you want to care about her – even as a zombie. She’s definitely worth the bullet Mike takes for her.” ~Eric England, Writer/Director – MADISON COUNTY, ROADSIDE
“Natalie Victoria is a wonderful combination of talent, beauty, and professionalism. She was a pleasure to have on this project and I look forward to working with her again in the future.” ~Eric Williford, Writer/Director – NATALIE’S LOSE LOSE
“It was an absolute pleasure working with Natalie on InSpectres, I greatly look forward to working with her on future projects!” ~Darren Orange, Producer/Director - INSPECTRES 

“Wonderful Actress – even Better person! Natalie just shot a small scene in “First Kiss,” a short film I co-produced. She did a great job, even though her scene was a fairly difficult scene involving a stunt with a dog. She’s also a lovely person; easy to work with and genuinely nice (unlike many people in this business). I’d work with her again and highly recommend her to anyone casting their films.” ~Seth Goldsmith, Co-Producer - FIRST KISS, FREEZER BURN
“Natalie Victoria played a part in the short film I just directed on the RED camera. She was easy to work with and got along great with everyone on set. I’d highly recommend her to anyone who’s thinking about casting her.” ~Charles Hood, Writer/Director/Producer - FIRST KISS, FREEZER BURN, DADDY’S GIRLS